My Alpha Mate


Valeria Adams Paranormal

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For her 25th birthday, sensual and notorious Lila King brings her human fiance to meet her werewolf family that she left many years ago.

What no one expects, though, is that at the party her family throws...she will meet her destined mate.

And he is no other than Darius Carter - the new alpha of the biggest wolf-pack in the region, holding a bad rep for killing the former alpha to assume his righteous position.

But there is much more to him than just a pretty face and a fabulous six pack...

Can Lila fight destiny? Does she even want to?


Tags: alphalove-trianglepossessivelove after marriagearranged marriagedominantsubmissivebadboyluna
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"Oh, Jesus. Again?" Simone clutches her forehead.

Terry is laughing behind her, chewing on an apple he just took out of our fridge. "I think it's safe to say that we cannot let my brother near you anymore."

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