Chaos Rising: Dawn of the Hybrid


Matthew Spades Romance

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Dare To Be a Teen - Meet My Hybrid Girl Writing Contest

Following the events of the Battle at Westworth manor, Kaylene Strongheart finally embraced who she really is: an Original Blood Hybrid.

But it came with a cost.

When she summoned the Angelic blessing to unleash her Soul Dealer and mage powers, Kaylene's blood was cured of lycanthropy.

She was no longer a werewolf.

Struggling with missing her wolf, she notices something has changed in Michael after the fight in Cyprus. For a reason he refused to share with Kay, he turned cold and distant toward her, taking mission after mission without her.

Feeling alone and rejected, Kay trains relentlessly under the tutelage of the Soul Minister. During one of her tests, she encounters a mysterious and attractive young man by the name of Viel Lighthaven.

With new threats facing the Soul Dealers and new powers at play, who can Kaylene turn to in her desperation? Will she be able to win back the love of her life? Or will she find something new?

She must act quick and embark on an adventure to find answers before the looming Darkness gets to her and destroys everything she holds dear.

Chaos Rising: Dawn of the Hybrid
Book Two of the Chaos Series


Tags: kickass heroinepowerfulwitch/wizardbxgkickingwerewolvesfemale leadsupernature earthsupernaturalStary Writing Academy III
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Sword still raised high in front of me, I took in the vi……


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