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The Claiming

R.K. Knightly Paranormal

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Book 1 of The Claimed Series

He positioned himself at her entrance and hesitated one last time.

"Have you ever-?" he asked.

"No Roland," she said and the shift of her calling him by his given name was not lost on him. "You are to be the first."

"And the last," he finished as he sank into her slowly.

He immediately hit a foreseen barrier and stopped for just a moment, letting her know he has reached her maidenhead.

"This will hurt only for a minute my love," Roland warned lowly, his voice husky with desire.

Every year a ritual called The Claiming occurs. For any un-mated werewolf 21 and older, it is compulsory. This year, a twist occurs during the hunt for a mate. When an Alpha claims his Luna, what consequences will occur when the one he chooses is the one that everyone thinks is forbidden?


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