No Turning Back (In love with a Killer Sequel) *On Hold*

Vampire Whore Horror

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I wasn't meant to be a father. I definitely wasn't meant to be a single father. But with Gina gone, I have no choice.

I tightened my grip on the bloody knife in my hand and stared down at the baby boy in the cot in front of me.

I love him, I really do, He looks so much like his mother, He has her eyes, but him and his love alone wasn't enough to stop me from being the monster that I have always known I was. I didn't deserve Gina and I don't deserve Marcus...

Why did she have to die?


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Chapter Three

'So do you come here often or?' I asked her as I sat down and ordered myself a drink. She smiled. 'Before you answer that, I've never been here before, so feel free to lie". I joked with her. She laughed.

'Well, thanks for your honesty but no, I've never been here before myself'.

'Ah, well then, in that case, I think we should h……