The return of noor

LeilaVy Paranormal

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"We follow these rules that should perfect things but what happens when it doesn't go the way you wanted? Aella, I expected many things in my life but what I didn't expect was you."


Gamma Noor's only wish was to find his mate and experience the bond that everyone around him seemed to be having. His eagerness led him to leave his pack per approval from his Alpha to go seek his mate. After months of travel, he had finally found her in the city of London. What he didn't expect was to be rejected after a passionate night with her.

Heartbroken, Gamma Noor became a little reckless and heartless and because of his naughty actions, he had caught the attention of the Alpha King--placed into court, turned into a soldier, and completing a mission that to him was impossible as he found himself caught in the middle of an Alpha Female who will fight him with every fiber of her body.

His mission? To overrule the rule of an Alpha Female, claiming her title and secretly...her body and soul.


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