Trapped By Him(Mafia Series #2)


Ankita Kundu Romance

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For the two years, she has been away from me. There were no words from her. She left me after sending me a letter and the ring which I put on her finger. Back when we were together, I have done everything to make her stay by my side. But still, my love and care were not enough for her. So, she left me. She is back, but not alone. Did she move on with her life where I have died every single second waiting for her? No, I won't let her.

"Who is he, Scarlet?" I asked her in a low dangerous tone after pinning her on the bed.
She was giving me a cold glare. "I am not bound to tell you everything, Oliver. Why do you always forget that you are no one to me?" She snapped at me with her blazing grey eyes.
I chuckled darkly. Grabbing her jaw, I said, "You are wrong, red. Don't forget who owes you."


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Life is unfair. I have lived through the worst part of my life from my very early age. People say they know me, but are they? The answer is, no, they don't know me. Each person has two sides to them. One is what they show the whole world to see, and another side is what we keep that by themselves. Mine is not……