Daddy's Love Again

Little One Vampire/Werewolf

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This is a sequel to the book Daddy's Love and it deals with Jay's and Christian's life after they are married and they decide to get a new little, this time a baby boy! What drama unfolds when the girls have to adjust to a new member in the family while a blast from the past (The prequel My Vampire Daddies) comes to haunt their almost perfect lives and family <3


Tags: VampireForbiddenPossessiveSexSpankingForcedDDLGDominantSubmissiveSugar DaddyBxG
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Bonus Chapter

We are lying face to face and we kiss each other. I am hard, and it's not possible for me to keep my hands to myself anymore. I open the buttons to his night suit while my mouth is still on his and he fumbles with the buttons of mine.

I pull him up and tug at his pants and he quickly pulls them out. I sit up against the headboard and lay h……