A Mother before a Mate


Summer Richards Romance

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(18+ Mature content)

Just weeks after Lexi's parents are killed by rogues, Lexi finds an abandoned baby in the forest. Even though she's only 18, Lexi feels a connection to this child, and decides to raise the child as her own.

Being a single mother isn't easy, but Lexi believes her adopted child is her destiny.

Will the Alpha of her pack allow her to keep the baby? When she meets her mate, will he accept Lexi and her child? Will he reject her?

What will her future hold?


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Lexi’s Point of View

3 years later

Jack walks into our room, and he’s looking at me with hungry eyes, as he starts stalking over to me. I was putting laundry away, but suddenly it’s the farthest thing from my mind. Just the way he’s looking at me is getting my heart racing, and I feel my body reacting to him.