The Devil's Student Mate


Devious_IntentionsXX Fantasy

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Book o to The Demon King's Virgin Bride.

"I can't concentrate in his class, he makes my panties wet and when I look at him, all I can think about is how I want him to eat my p***y like the last meal on earth."

Mabel can't quite explain the strangeness taking control of her life, or why she can't stop having deeply erotic daydreams about her unbelievably hot new Physics teacher. Especially during his class.

No, getting stuck in a dark closet at a family friend's party with the mysterious, gorgeous god of a man they called Lucius Steed, wasn't the worst thing to ever happen to her. Finding out that her teacher was actually Lucifer himself and that the handsome Devil has claimed her as his since she was nine years old, was.

Lucifer has waited eight long years for his human mate, keeping a very watchful eye on her all those years. On Mabel's eighteenth birthday, Lucifer plans to finally mark his mate and make her his for eternity, but there are o problems; Mabel doesn't remember him or the fact that they are mates and she has a boyfriend she is determined to be faithful to.

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This book is going to be unlike anything you have ever read before.


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