Hers To Claim

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Before you read this book, you need to read His to Own first....

I stood in front of Dale, outside of his house. We both stared at each other for a long period of time. I felt the tension in the air just from us o alone. I smirked at him, ready for anything to happen.

"You need to stay away from her." Dale warned me. "Or there will be problems."

I chuckled, flashing my fangs at him. He knew that me staying away from her would be difficult. Not only was we still linked, we had our son. I glanced at my hand, watching the nails on my hand grow with length and sharpness. He was going to learn his place once it came to dealing with me.

"Looks like there's no way around this." Dale said as his eyes glowed a bloody red color.

In his stance, he ran towards me in fleet mode. Dale was strong, but I was stronger.

"You fight me if you want to." I told him as he gotten closer. "This will be the last time your sister will see you alive."

Dale is in love with his sister, Naomi. So is Kain, which makes it hard for Naomi to choose. She's still in love with Kain, due to the fact that he was her first and they had a kid together. However, she loves Dale as well for being kind to her from the jump. Kain, however, will do whatever it takes to get her and their son back. Who will Naomi choose: Kain or Dale? Will she make the decision before the o men decide to get rid if the other?

This is Kain's Story.....


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