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Stella Purple Sci-Fi

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Epidemic, global warming, scarce resources. The world doesn’t end with war, but a crippling silence.
In the blink of an eye, a mysterious airborne disease caused billions of people to die in their sleep, wiping out most of the world’s population. Only a few men survived, and even fewer females alive. With such the drastic sex ratio imbalance, humanity is now facing its deadliest crisis yet. The remaining females who wake are given two options: breed, or face extinction.


Tags: MilitaryDarkPolyamoryTime-travelPost-apocalypseManipulativePsychoKickass HeroineTwistedBxG
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CHAPTER 2Reality

When he notice me staring, Sebastian quickly recollects his features, giving me his smug, signature smirk instead. “What? No snarky comments? Don’t pity me. I’ve had years to settle in my grievances.” Though it still hurts, goes unsaid.

“That’s my line! Wait, did you just say ‘years’?” I balk.

His lips curl into one d……