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Niyati Thakur always dreamed of getting out of her palace, but being the young and only princess to Maharaj Udaybhan Thakur, this was not possible.
So when she hears from her cousin sister that she's getting married, Niyati quickly thinks of ways to finally put her plan to action. This would not only lead her to freedom but she'll also get to see an Indian Destination Wedding which she had always dreamt of witnessing.

What she didn't plan was encountering an arrogant prince whom she had met in childhood, Mohak Khurana. He was arrogant as a child, and he's arrogant as an adult too. He also happens to be the Groom's cousin.

Mohak Khurana has much better things to do rather than attending his anely Sweet Cousin's wedding. He could have been boarding a flight to Melbourne so that he could play with his Cricket Team. But he was not that lucky, as he was struck within the trap called 'Wedding'.

As she tastes her freedom, there's the arrogant prince who's hell-bent on creating obstacles for her as he's not ready to let her have her freedom just yet.

What will become of them?


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