Her Alpha mate and her billionaire CEO

Lost in love Vampire/Werewolf

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Cathwulf was orphanaged as a baby and adobted by the lonely female wolf of the pack.. she is a very good girl and a virgin.

On her 18 birthday her handsome boss, the very dominant billionaire CEO of a fur company starts pursuing her and she has a hard time withstanding his charm.

But then she changes for the first time, and everyone really how special she is. A very powerful Alpha wants her, and buy her from her pack. She hates him for seperating her from her family.

But when she meets this Alpha of her new pack he turns out to be her mate.. but he isn’t the mate she dreamt of at all.

Who will she pick, her Alpha mate or her billionaire CEO ?


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3: The strong Alpha


“No, no focus for god's sake”. I growl annoyed and shake my head, as I walk around between my best warriors, watching them as they are training their techniques in human form.

They might think it is unnecessary, and I feel some of them are not giving their best, but I believe strongly that everyone nee……