Your Betraying Love

Sappirechelsea237 Historical Romance

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“One day you're going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you will hate yourself for letting me go.“ ...

Is it a crime to fall in love?
Rosella had never thought that she would be trapped in a web of politics, lies, deception and misunderstandings.
What she wanted was love but received only pain and betrayal.
It is the story of a broken Empress, of her struggles inside a place full of ruthless schemes.

"How could you give me to any other man, I waited for you so long ! Did you ever love me or not?" asked Rosella

"You know darling! everything is fair in love and war!" Nicholas smirked.

"I wish that we would have never met in this lifetime and I pray, that we will not meet each other in the next one" screamed Rosella...

Even if I fall in love with someone new, it could never be the way I loved you...

WARNING: English is not my first language, so there may be some mistakes. But I will try my best to improve!


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18 years ago, Helian Imperial Palace

"General Knight ( A/N: Knight is a surname here), we were able to win this war because of your bravery and intelligence. The bravery and ideas you used time, have really amazed everyone. My Nicholas has considered you as his ideal. As long as the Helian Empire has your support, no one would be able to d……