The Mistress Of Poseidon

Isabelle Sweet Romance

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This is a story about love, faith, and possessiveness.
Daniel is the heir to the Earl Family. He is handsome, tender and funny, but romantic by nature.
He is her Poseidon. He has many lovers and I, am just one of them.
From the beginning, I knew I was just one of his many lovers. We just took what we wanted from each other and that seemed to work for both of us.
I accepted his money and tenderness gladly and he enjoyed my wholehearted love indifferently.
Until one day, one of his former lovers said to me,
“Welcome to the Earl Club.”
Since then, I was a dissatisfied woman and longed to be his only lover. His one and only.
His response?
“If you expect me to have an abstinent life just for you and stop having other lovers, I can assure you that it’s most definitely an impossible task...”


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