In Dreams: Bleed Out

KaysKats Paranormal

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A vicious serial killer is on the loose, draining her victims with IV lines slowly to watch them die.
But one of her kills is saved by a vampire.
A vampire who is determined to seek revenge.
Will this turn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse?

This is a constantly evolving story, it involves a lot of ists and turns, a manhunt (or woman hunt?), romance, police investigations, blood drinking, some mature content, some violence, pasts that come back to haunt the characters, love, and a crazy amount of fantasy mixed up with some pseudo science.

Please be warned that this novel conta themes of past trauma and a***e as character backgrounds. And yes, this is a story about vampires, vampires equal blood l**t which equals s*x. You have been warned.


Tags: adventuredarksexpolyamoryage gapsecond chancepregnantmatevampiresupernatural
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