Blade in the Dark

Swash Sci-Fi

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Dancing at the fingertips of Death,
Writing a legend of a lone thief,
Telling the story of the thief’s road to the kitchen knife.
Ancient spells of the necromancer from the immemorial tombs,
The devil in the dark abyss of distant hell sighs,
Ancient war songs by old bullhead priest from the orc tribe,
The technological civilization lost in the goblin kingdom,
Ancient ruins of the Tula Lyon Forest,
The mysterious treasure on Emerald Isle,
A strange race in the endless sea,
There are different legends,
With the same Enzes.


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123 Exploring The Place

The muscle-bound Level 25 minotaur was three yards high, and he was wearing armor made from the silver light scale. He had red eyes and, in his arms, he an enormous wooden club. The creature was a force of nature and, if Eddy were forced to face it in open combat, even with all of his skills, it was unlikely that he would come out the victor. Lu……