I Fell For The Mafia King

Ruby Rose Romance

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He soon pinned me against the wall.


I tried but was cut off " "so my princess was messing with my friends?"

I slowly shook my head. "no not at all AND I AM NOT YOUR PRINCESS!"
I yelled angrily trying to push him off.

He only grabbed my waist and pushed me more against the wall.
" are." He hissed lightly. I didn't even understand...

Catharina is a random orphan teen, who dreams about college and a good average future. She never knew anything about who her parents were and she doesn't know that her father was one of the biggest mafia kings ever known. Adriano is a popular bad boy type and the new boss of the Catharina Mafia and fell in love with our typical good girl. He doesn't find any better idea than kidnapping her. How will Catharina react when she finds out the truth about her father? Will she fall for the heartless mafia king?


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~bonus chapter~

Years ago when Adriano and Catharina were children :

"Caty come on! I know a secret place were we can go together!"

Little charming Adriano said to his best friend. Those kids knew eachother since ever, and seeing them so close, made their families smile. Sure Catharina and Adriano were no norma……