Luna's Howl (boyxboy)

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Born into the most powerful pack in the Northern Province, with a loving beta father and a witch mother, alongside an overprotective sister, Jason had nothing to fear or cause to worry until he ran into a male witch and his pack of killer wolves seeking for the greatest source of power and title.

What happens when he discovered he has lived a lie since birth? What happens when the discovery plunges his life into chaos and fight unending?

Jason will have to live upto his status as well as battle the enemies threatening the lives of those he holds dear and of the peace of the four provinces that makes up the were-kingdom; his precious home.


Tags: WerewolfAlphaDarkPackPowerfulWitchLunaDramaTragedyBxB
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Epilogue: Luna’s Howl

Kurt POV

I inhaled deeply the mixture of scents drifting with the noon breeze. The sun blazed brightly in the sky warming my skin as I peered at the hustle and bustle below. Several SUVs park around the palace ground, Alphas and their Luna as well as their other pack members move around mingling with those from other packs. I watch ……