Lost in love Romance

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Ella is in Africa working with UNICEF when a VIP arrives. She is showing him the camp, not knowing who he is as she has sworn of everything to do with Hollywood and fame.

But he is not like any other man she have ever meet, and very fast she find it impossible to resist the lure he represent.

Shortly after he leaves, she is ripped from her safe haven by a family tragedy and thrown back into the pulsing London life, finding herself face to face with the man she thought was a no string attached fling.

Will she be ready to re-enter the real world and can she escape the past that made her leave in the first place ?


Tags: SexSuicideOne-night StandInternal JourneySecond ChanceBadgirlCelebrityDramaTragedyBxG
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Will’s naughty side

"Did you get it all done Ella ?" She had just walked into the kitchen after saying goodbye to Will and now her aunt look at her questioning.

Ella nodded, she felt really agitated. "But he was there, the owner. I guess I kind of surprised him, you should have told me who lived there".

"I don't see ……