Dominant Hybrid

ktish7 Vampire/Werewolf

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She quivered in fear when she saw him transforming. His eyes were ice blue and his front two teeth were canines.

Before she could understand what was happening, she was grabbed and slammed to the nearest tree by him. He fell down on his knees in front of her, his claws clutching her thighs and keeping her captured.

" What.. what are you doing?" She whimpered.

Instead of replying his head went straight between her thighs. She felt his tongue licking her, stroking harshly.

Suddenly his canines bit her clit and her rich blood flowed in his mouth. In that exact moment, she experienced a pleasure so pure, so empowering that left her shuddering, making her want to get away from the overwhelming, overpowering pleasure but forcing her to stay in the exact same place.

When she was left shuddering and panting from the after-effects of pleasure, satisfied, he rose up on his feet and looked into her soulful, admiring, love-filled eyes.

And that's when the love of her life, her eternal mate, grabbed her neck & snapped it to death.



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