Be careful with my heart


Purplegarden Romance

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Dustin Blackstone, 28 years old. The country's most eligible bachelor. He made a name for himself in the business world at 23. His cold countenance makes everyone cower at his feet including business associates/competitors. He is everything a girl would want.

Ariana Bond, 23 years old an ordinary girl who lives with her Aunt. Ariana lost her mother to a gruelsome accident which led her father to a vegetative coma for two years. She hopes for her father to wake soon. But she needs money to keep her father's treatments running.

Things took a massive turn around for Ariana after she met Carina Blackstone. Dustin's grandmother; who is willing to give her anything but only on one condition.
That is to Marry her grandson 'Dustin Blackstone.'


Tags: billionaireothersfamilyescape while being pregnantlove after marriagearranged marriageCEOsweeticypassionate
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Chapter 5

Ariana's Pov

"Do you Ariana Bond take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold? In sickness and in health? Till death do you part?" The priest popped the question I dreaded. I am signing my life out to this emotionless man. I looked at Dustin's face through my veil and all I saw was him looking at me with dis……


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