Daughters Of Pierce

Lily Pierce Vampire/Werewolf

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In the beginning, there was Darkness.
Edwardian Pierce is awakened from a two-thousand-year-old slumber to find that the world is not what it once was. The history of the world has been rewritten and with that her home, Darkness has been forgotten.
As she reacquaints herself with the world, she can't help but remember the days when things were simple. When the hardest thing she had ever had to face was the resurrection of her baby sister, Cassian.
The Vampire Queen must decide if her world is worth the destruction of this one. Can the world of man survive the summoning of Darkness? Can she live with her decision once it's been decided? All she knows is that she missed them. All of them.
Vampires of Darkness: Book One


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    The vampire council never had to overlook the works of the Queen. The way I had taken my position, however, was questioned highly. Everyone wanted to know why I had taken my place the way I did and they also wanted me to know what I was going to do to figure out what happened to the angel that was recentl……