The Alpha


Azara Paranormal

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She was born an alpha and she was raised to be the alpha. It is a well known fact that a female alpha was rare and her mate was always a beta. Except this time apparently because her mate happens to also be an alpha.

He was also born and raised to be an alpha; to lead his own pack. His mate should have been the betas daughter. At least that is what he always thought; until he met her. Now he can't imagine the possibility of anyone else being his mate.

But which will give up their future as an alpha, both were supposed to be leaders. However to be together it means one must give up the position of alpha. What will they choose.


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Chapter 1 Passing On The Torch

"Please Enter" the alpha's voice boomed from inside his office. 

I am so nervious my father rarely called me into he office. The office was a place for official meetings and even during my alpha training my father never thought meetings between father and daughter should be official. Honestly I think that he just hates being coped up ……