In His Heart... (Till Death Part Us Not). *Knight Lovers 1*

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Think you've read all the greatest love stories, ever written? Then take a look at this one!

"She is an angel." He muttered, under his breath as it hitched at the sight of her and he realised within that moment that he had fallen for that angel.

But there's always a catch, isn't there? And it just so happens that the woman, the billionaire fell in love with suffers from a brain disorder known as Acquired DPD (Dependence Personality Disorder) and retrograde Amnesia, leaving her with the memories of her childhood, alone and her mental state as that of only but a kid. Think he'd still love her? We'll just have to see!

At the age of eighteen, Hazel Claire, the sole heiress of the Claire Industries met with a tragic accident, losing her mother and suffering a brain injury herself while left under the care of her loving father. Two years later, her father is now on the verge of dying and wants someone to protect and care for his daughter, while he no longer can. That is when comes the Billionaire, Alexander Knight.

But beware for this billionaire is like no other and can have your world spinning and your heart melting every damn time...

Caution:- May cause the readers to fall in love with the main character.

The readers may suffer from "Want Alex" syndrome.


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Chapter 21- The Troubled Couple.

Chapter 21-The Troubled Couple.

My aim has ever been to protect her in my arms..but to never be merciful to the ones who harm her in the least.

He took another drag of his cigarette when he suddenly realised she had nowhere to go. In the haze of pain, for a moment he had forgotten she'd nowhere to go. But soon realised as he, in a sl……