Sweet Starry Shadows

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Openly humiliated and rejected right in front of her friends; Lucy found herself standing on the opposite end of the room while her friends all laughed along with each other.
Hurt that her friends weren't even trying to validate if the lies were even true, they all pushed her away while she tried to forget her crush that openly displayed his affection to the girl standing beside them. They all didn't want to be around someone who didn't find friendship important - They all believed the girl, but not her.

Finding herself standing in front of a door that would never open up for her, she decided to turn her back to it and walk away. Now leaving her guild to go on an adventure with hopes of letting go of these heart-throbbing emotions of hers; Lucy then finds herself accepting two open hands which then leads her into another inviting family.

Ever since she met Rogue, her life began to shine back into its brightest state. Thanks to his help, she knew that she didn't need the boy from the past again.


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Sequel Sequel

Sweet Starry Shadows
Chapter 81: Sequel Sequel

The next day made itself known when a certain crimson-haired dragon appeared in their personal space with a wide smirk on her face. "Don't you growl at me," she chuckled as she whisked Lucy away from her to-be husband. The blonde nervous when she found herself seated in one of the m……