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Jing lives a simple life, but it suddenly changed when she accidentally went to a mysterious kingdom named Blackerous. A series of unknown happenings or wonders took place until a mysterious guy appeared. The mysterious guy introduced himself as a prince and disclosed that Jing is chosen to be the next Raven Girl, who will be the one to save their kingdom from the curse. At first, Jing wondered and couldn’t understand what the prince was saying, but suddenly, she realized everything when she witnessed the strange personality of Raven and her personality, too.


Tags: adventuredarkarrogantstudentwarriortwistedbisexualmagical worldweak to strongStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Epilogue (Part 2)

The days passed quickly. Since Jing woke up, the two guards immediately informed the dear king that the dear princess was awake. The whole creature celebrated in the Blackerous Kingdom that day. The King did not hesitate to announce to his superiors the appointment of Jing and Raven as princess and prince. Immediately there was a dinner part……


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