Alpha, My Tempest Mate

Korra Lacroix Other

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"I, Ursa Ansian reject you, Ezra Ansian Alpha of the Moon Light Pack." I said with a slight tremor woven within my words as I refused to make eye contact with my mate.

I had convinced myself that now was the time to speak the heartbreaking words, words that would set me free and allow my mate to freely marry my younger sister Deia.

Ezra glared down at me as I clenched my hands together nervously as I attempted to focus on anything but his heated gaze. I could practically feel his breath on my neck as he leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

"Is that what you truly desire?" Ezra said with an alluring tone that made my knees grow weak.

I gulped as his words sunk in and my wolf began stirring within me demanding to be in my mates arms.

[Book 2 of The Generation Series]
Book 1: Mated to the Moon


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I'd like to thank my readers for reading my book, "Alpha, My Tempest Mate." I hope you are enjoying the story so far; I can assure you that this story is far from over. I have decided ……