Love Of Thunder

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He's attracted to her.
She wants him to stay away from her.
When death meets the innocence, many unprecedented things happen.
This is the story of Ice and fire.
This is the story of Thunder and Princess of Flower.
In between threads of lightening and web of flowers what is going to happen?
Would Thunder able to find the out the truth behind his attraction towards the future Queen of Flowers?
Would he able to find his love?
And would she allow herself to be his love?


Tags: PossessiveGoodgirlGentleSensitivePowerfulPrincessStudentQueenTwistedSweet
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Unexpected, unimagined and... horrific.


Who had thought about that?


No one, except the oily thing beneath my leg, who had cruelly planned to make me fall on my shirtless friend.


Yes, now again, my dear friend was shirtless, as blanket on his body had smoothly managed to……