Tempered by the Will

Mana Sol Fantasy

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"Tell me the truth," Constantine demanded, his voice hard and jagged in her ear. When she stalled, he pulled her head back with a hand tangled in her tresses and mouthed her throat in a fierce kiss. "Tell me!"

"I don't - want-" she whispered finally, and bit back a moan.

"Don't bother. I know you're lying."
It's a hard life for a rogue mage, especially one who climbs into the hor's nest that is the Capital. And it isn't much easier for the assassin who can't help but follow her in.

Their relationship is as undefinable as ever, but Vica and Constantine together step into the arena that is the nation's epicenter of power. Here, there is no right or wrong, only the strong and the weak. Right of Magic is the Law.

But for the first time, Vica believes her power is not a curse but an opportunity, a responsibility. If strength of magic is really the only law, then she is prepared to play their game - prepared to win. And from the apex, she vows, she will make things right. She will do it with passion, strike from the heart, and live by the tinct of her power.

But Vica will soon discover a terrible truth that will make her waver, and the Capital will shake with her. Tenuous alliances and friendships will be tested, especially the indescribable connection beeen Vica and Constantine that neither can deny: things are not so simple when Constantine wants nothing less than the whole of her, but she is only willing to offer it conditionally.

And yet with the Capital shaking, they will have to rely on each other in ways that may well prove their destinies have been linked all along...


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