Down On Your Knees


MN ESRA Romance

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#Starywritng III - Girl Power- Chasing her Apollo

Dangerous combination --deep black bottomless eyes and a hell’s fire kisser. I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Adriano “Andi” Mendez was definitely my type of guy, but I couldn't have him.

The breathtakingly gorgeous man was my mentor and assistant for 20 days; therefore, a relationship between us seemed impossible. He would teach me everything I needed to know about my grandfather’s business, but I was hopeful there was more...

Unfortunately, Andi was engaged to be married to someone else, and so was I.

I am Samira Tantaco, an heiress to a business empire. I have been betrothed since birth to my grandfather’s long lost love’s grandson. I have not seen the shadow of the man I must marry.
How may I share the rest of my life with someone I didn't know? I must stop this nonsense as soon as possible.

The best solution I could think of, I must elope...with Andi, whether he likes it or not, but first things first, I must seduce the man, make him fall for me and get down on his knees... in 20 days.


Tags: billionaireone-night standarranged marriagekickass heroineheir/heiressbxghumorouslightheartedoffice/work placestubbornStary Writing Academy III
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The next morning.

The buzzing of his phone woke Andi before six in the morning. He reached for it immediately before it could disturb the sleep of Samira. He pressed his lips on the small of her back when he lifted the white covering their naked bodies. 

He swung his legs on the side and stood up.……


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