Hunting Holly


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There is someone out for Holly's blood and they are willing to pay a reward nobody can resist. Hunters and paranormal alike are all coming for her. Can Holly and her pack figure out who set the hit and why before it is too late?

Holly is a completely normal nieen-year-old girl. She juggles school, love,
friends, and home like any other girl her age. And then there is the whole werewolf thing.

When Holly finds out that there is a hit out on her, open to hunters
and werewolves alike, things get intense. It isn't normal for the o to work
together, but when the pack finds out the reward is a very rare type of magic,
they understand. Holly and her pack have to figure out who is behind it before
it is too late.

Greyson, the overprotective "mate" is determined to do whatever it takes to
keep Holly safe. Even if that means jeopardizing his own life and his relationship
in the process.


Tags: alphadarkfamilydramakickingmysterywerewolvessecretssupernaturalWriting challenge
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Chapter Two

As Holly promised, Greyson did not sleep in her room that night. She had locked the door and pulled her dresser in front of it for good measure. Though she knew if he really wanted to get in, that would be no problem for him. She only heard him try her door knob once, though.

"Holly! Holly, wake your ass up!" Holly was woken up to C……