Beyond The Veil

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In the Fae world everything was viewed as perfect. When you helped grow something it had to be perfect. At least that is how I saw it. There was no room for mistakes, like Demons...
Demons were cast out because everything they created lacked color or life. They were the total opposite of life. They drained life, used it for their own gain and so they were cast out to the f*******n lands. The land of the ever-consuming darkness, but once in while I would go up to that line, that cut been the veils, just to the tip of my toes and wonder...
"What would it be like, to make a mistake?"

Emery is a Water Fae, she is 18. Her writing, singing, and planting have never failed her when it comes to perfection. She has always been able to create beautiful things in nature, but she grows tired of all the perfection in her life and it is tedious to her. She wants to know what it is like to not be perfect and not have to worry about people looking at you all the time. She wonders what it is like on the other side of the Veil where the Demons live.

Micha Kaneston, otherwise known as the Demon Prince, is 19 years old and wreaks Havoc wherever he goes. He likes to make trouble and avoid his responsibilities. He occasionally drifts towards the Veil, just because of his temptation to create Chaos. He has never known a life of perfection when his life has always been all about Rebelling.

o different souls wander towards the Veil, will one of them see what is on the other side?


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