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Sexy Contract With The Ruthless Billionaire

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I let my eyes roam from her legs to her face before settling my gaze on her breasts which looks soft.

Are they real or fake? I ask her and she frowns before masking the frown with a fake smile.

They are real. She replies and I stand up making her step back.

"You aren't suppose to runaway from me." I say angrily and she flinches. Her feet staying glued to where she is.
"Sit." I point to the seat she was standing beside and she sits hurriedly closing her legs together.

I move my hand over her chest and grip her exposed breast before moving my lips to her ear.

"I need to check my toys before I put my money on them." I whisper harshly in her ear and she grips my desk.

Gabriella Amonte, an unpopular actress decides to get herself any possible job that can help her pay her dad's Surgery money. She never imagined herself meeting one of the top ten ruthless billionaire in the world, neither did she ever imagine signing a contract.

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