The Ordinary Girl and the Cruel Vampire Prince


Cat Smith Fantasy

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Amber Williams is a tortured soul. Her father is a drunk who has violent tendencies and takes great pleasure in beating her. She lives on the outskirts of town in a run down dingy cottage and works six days a week trying to keep food on the table and bills paid. It's all she can do to survive each day and there is no one to turn to for help. An incident causes her to run into the forest in order to save her life.

Prince Liam Geraldo is stuck in his castle with nothing but his helpers and his horrible mother for company. Placed under a spell the Vampire Prince cannot leave the castle, or anyone who was within the castle, on the day the spell was cast. Cold as ice with a heart of stone he has gained a reputation with his peers for being a cruel prince. He has no desire to change his ways and has turned away every maiden who has tried to seduce him or sent them running with his vindictive personality.

What happens when Amber inadvertently stumbles onto his territory and finds that the magic is unwilling to let her leave? Their personalities are complete opposites and causes them to clash with each other. Will Amber be able to thaw his stone cold heart or will she be doomed to stay in a castle unhappy and miserable forever?


Tags: submissivedramabxgroyalsmall townsupernaturaltorturedstubbornvictimvampire's pet
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Warning this scene contains graphic scenes and specific details in regards to giving birth. Please don't read if it may offend. It is also the last chapter in my book and I want to thank all my readers for giving me the courage to finish it. Thankyou all so much.

Amber stared down at her beautiful baby girl Calissa……


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