Reyna Peak

Lily Pierce Vampire/Werewolf

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Ethious Montgomery is in search of uncharted land to expand for his newly growing pack. Rock View Pier. His father suggests he expands toward the beach's peak. When he decides to take a look around Reyna Peak he meets a girl named Rayleen.
Rayleen shows him around the small unclaimed town of Reyna Peak. He feels slightly attracted to her until he meets his mate Rayna who happens to be Raylee's older sister.
Both girls have a lockdown on the town especially the men. He believes both girls are human. What will be his reaction when Ethious finds out why his mate and her sister spend so much time diving off cliffs and swimming in salt water?


Tags: AdventureWerewolfGoodgirlPowerfulPrincessRoyaltyQueenDramaSweetBxG
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    Their bodies are covered with angry red and deep purple almost black bruises. It has been three days since they were attacked and they still hadn't come around. My wolf is begging me to do something anything, but there isn't much I can do for either of them. The mermaid is treating them and she looks as torn apart as I do.