Saved By the Devil

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If you're looking for a fairy-tale then look somewhere else. Because mine is not one. My prince charming doesn’t come to save me from the evil,but for his vengeance. He vowed to make me pay for what I did to him.
He was the only person who'd seen me and saved me. But he was also the person who I feared the most, even more than my aunt who bartered me for money, because I betrayed him when he needed me the most.
He’s like Lucifer, devil and angel mixed in one.He saved me from everyone else but who would save me from the devil that he was?

When they're dragging me by my cuffed hands,I'd promised her that I’d come for her and make her pay.And then,I did...
I punished her for the betrayal she dealt me and for eight secluded months I spent in the dark cell.I craved her pain and tears.I thrived on her fear and submission.
But then I realised,her tears weren’t for me.No,she didn’t fear me as much as she feared the monsters that were after her.And,I realised that may be I could be the Devil who saved her.
“Please,Mad... I have an explanation,why I did that…”I was cut short as Maddox barked,“Don’t call me that! And, I don’t wanna hear lies,I just got out of the jail and now I want all the tension sucked off of me.”He came closer,caressed my face,demanding,"On your knees.”
“Please, you can’t do this,”I cried out,turning to the eldest brother."Please, make them stop,you can tell them to back off. Please.” I begged as I looked at Brandon,but then he shook his head and looked over my head.
Carter brothers always stick together.
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