Saved By the Devil

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I don’t believe in fairy tales and happily ever after. I was taught to be invisible and to be afraid.
So, I believed in suffering. I believed in pain and fear.

Then He came showing me small mercies, saving me. When I was invisible to all, he saw me. He became a 'someone' in my life. But then when he needed me, I betrayed him in the worst way.

Now, eight months later he’s back. The one who’d showed me kindness was now ruthless in his vengeance.
The part of him that he had tried to hide in the dark for all these years was finally unleashed and coming to light, because of me. And, he wants a piece of my body, my soul, my mind. But, without knowing it, I gave him my heart too.

Maddox Carter has a dark past. At age six he was freed from the darkness, but as much as he tried he couldn’t escape it. It followed him everywhere. Then she betrayed him and sent him behind the bars where his demons caught up to him.

And, now he’s out for blood. He promised to make her pay and to break her. With every punishment, with every bit of pain he delivered to her… he craved more of her tears. She became his addiction and he loved to feed on it.

But then he found out that the reason for her tears was not him. That she was already broken and scarred. Conquering her body wasn’t as much sweet a revenge as he had hoped.
Her submission held the taste of fear and despite his craving for her pain, he didn’t like the ever-present demons in her eyes.

Will Maddox be strong enough to fight her demons and his own, too?


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