Immortal Elements


Alcione02 Fantasy

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Lambanas exist. Elves exist. Diwatas exist. Other supernatural creatures exist too. Some are nice and peace loving creatures. But some are naughty and loves to cause mischief.

A group of supernatural and supernatural alike keeps them at bay. The law enforcers of the supernatural.

But what will happen if an ancient, powerful creature of pure evil awoken from it's slumber, and begun wrecking havoc everywhere?

Can they be stopped? Yes.

By whom?

Four powerful elements.

Four powerful encantao of their generation.

They are the Bagani.


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  Peace was once again regained. Dark creatures remained in the dark, and everyone rejoiced for their victory. But one has her heart shattered to pieces.

  The whole Espada’t Kalasag mourned the death of their Heneral and the rest of those warriors who perished. Flair, the Heneral’s wife silently cried as she watched her pina……