The Billionaire's Missing Wife

Stana Katic Romance

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‘Mom, what are we going to do?’ I looked at my 5 year old, his eyes shining with confusion interlaced with longing.

‘We are going to get your daddy back.’

Lily lost her memories in a car accident. She was shocked when the kind doctor let know of her good fortune.

Her baby survived the mishap.

She had no recollection of what happened to her in the past year and most importantly who was the father of her baby. Despite being helpless her mother instinct was powerful enough to never let her give up neither on herself nor on her baby. She survived the long and arduous journey to motherhood; endured the rapid labor and moved on in life with her cute munchkin.

When her kind doctor came to her doorstep asking for a little help & she could not decline. He was her good friend, partner of her hard times so what if he asked her hand in marriage just to appease his parents. He made her laugh was good role model to her kid what more she could ask for? She felt content and comfortable with her oncoming nuptial.

It was just one little peck, a minuscule kiss with her fiancé that triggered her memories.

Now she knows what was lacking in her life. She was missing love and passion that they had shared. But perhaps it is too late. It’s been 5 years since she last saw him. She has lost memories of him but what about him? Why did he not come after her? What is he doing now? She is now engaged to another. What should she do?

Can she break the heart of her fiancé just so she could pursue her old love? the love that might have moved on.


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Chapter- 48

Lucas had a long list of questions. If they get started on that one by one then it would be evening and still, they won’t be anywhere near to finishing them. They did not have that much time plus most of his questions, he knew, were irrelevant. He won’t waste time by asking them. He started with the most urgent one. This question was like a thor……