36 Weeks With Him

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"You can't be pregnant and unmarried at the same time. You know how our society treated such cases."

"Yes Anu. They won't let you live in peace. And you said you want best for your baby and this is probably the best for baby" Sai said.

"I get your point. But that's not going to happen. Me and Dhruv can never be together" I said with final authority.


There is a sequence of love. Admiration.... Friendship.... Love.... Marriage and then babies. Well at least that's what I thought along with many girls in the world.

But then one single mistake shook my belief and rearrange the pattern of love, if there is any.

I, Anvi Deshmukh, jumped from first step to directly last step of my so-called pattern of love. So will I ever find those missing steps?

Join me on my reverse journey of love with a cute, nerdy but equally arrogant guy, a loving family and prejudiced judging Indian society. Add this to all, the very cause of this chaos in my life, my unborn child. 

Read as I spend 36 weeks with HIM.


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Epilogue 2

Dhruv's POV:

"Dada, I think it's not right. This pheta (kind of a turban) is a little tilted to the left side" I complained. Well, it's my wedding day, I have every right to want everything to be perfect.

"Dhruv, I think it's proper" Dada replied.

"Sarthak, you know how our Dhruv has always been a fussy kid since his childhood.……