The Billionaire's Assassin [COMPLETE]

Charnee13 Romance

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"She killed your parents.
She stole all your money.
She turned your entire world upside down.
You’re bound as an assassin because of her.
And yet, you’re still in love with her?"

Wealthy playboy Thomas Rex Henson fell in love for the first and last time with Maya, the beautiful girl with the wild curls. Maya wasn’t supposed to fall for her intel source, especially when she had to kill his father. Unknowingly, he fell for the most dangerous girl in the world. And learned his lesson when he witnesses his parents murder at her hands. Eight years later, filled with hatred and vengeance, he’s surprised she, now a COO of a multi-billion dollar empire, called upon him with a request he couldn’t refuse for the price of her life. As past deeds and secrets become revealed, will Rex fall for her once more or will he finally avenge his parents with her blood?


Tags: EspionageRevengePossessiveBWWMEscape being PregnantArrogantManipulativeKickass HeroineCEOBillionairessDrama
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