Fat Cinderella

J. L. Smith YA&Teenfiction

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His eyes roamed over me, my face, my sweats. He licked his lips, wetting them before speaking. "My god, you look incredible."

I looked down, trying to hide my face from him, so he wouldn't see how uncomfortable I was with the compliment. His fingers came under my chin, tipping my face to him. I searched his eyes, all thoughts of everything leaving my head, except how wonderful it felt to be near him. He cupped my face, like he had done the previous day, stroking his thumb agat the skin of my cheek. His other hand came to run through the length of my hair, the soft waves catching around his knuckles. "Every time I see you, you take my breath away. It's better every time," he chuckled, a deep rumble that came from his chest.

Ophelia Hamilton has never been interested in the things that most other teenage girls did. A little nerdy, a little smart, and definitely rich, her life didn't lack much... that is, until new-kid Michael Morgan arrives at school.
Through an act of fate, they end up on the same school project together, and one thing leads to another, and....
You'll just have to read to find out.


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