Hacked Into My Heart

yeemo12 Romance

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"Guys, calm down. He's probably just being polite. A rich guy like him probably wouldn't like some stranger crashing at his place." I told my Aunt and Uncle.

I may or may not have forgotten that he was sitting right beside me. I felt his knee brush mine as he turned to face me.

"You've got me all wrong, sweetie. I would absolutely love for a beautiful girl like you to stay with me. Rich or not, I'm still a gentleman."

I am Akira Thompson. I am a hacker that goes under the radar who makes deals with people to receive money. I only make deals that aren't cruel or s****l. But when someone asks me to lose my virginity to them for a large sum of money, I can't help but say yes. In the time I spend with him, I noticed myself changing, disregarding my bad habits for good ones. Chase Briggs has shown me what genuine happiness is.

(Triggering content discussed, viewer discretion is advised.)


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