Begging For Mercy


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Zendea grew up under her father’s abusive hand but had her brother , Titan to fall back on. Now that she’s all grown up she hopes to find her mate and escape this hell she calls a home but meeting her mate , Alpha Sebastian Jacobs does not go as smoothly as she had expected. What happens when being with your mate is anything but smooth sailing? Find out as you go through this journey with Zendea and Sebastian.


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Chapter 71

Aunt Amira's P.O.V

"I miss by baby girl Theo." I say sadly. So much time has passed since I last spoke to her, I always knew that once she found her mate everything would change but I didn't expect the change to be this drastic.

"I know my love, I miss her too but, she's found her pack now. You know how it goes Amira."……