The Shadow Stalker Around Her


Ankita Kundu Suspense/Thriller

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Skyla Davis, an orphan, leads a life full of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort. Wherever she goes, she felt like someone is following her. But she pushed that thought aside and started thinking to build a bright future until a boy fell in love with her and proposed to her in the middle of their school premises.
But that boy has gone missing on the very same day, and the next day, the police found his body in a lake. When she went to college, the same thing happened with the boys who happened to torment her. Police couldn’t find out who was behind these all. Then a man, named Micheal, entered her life, but with some motive.
What would happen when Skyla disappeared and nowhere to be found? Could Micheal get to find her before anything happen with her in the hand of her obsessive stalker? What will she do when she comes to know her stalker was saving her throughout her entire life? Whom is she going to choose? The psycho, or the manipulative man, Micheal? Let’s find her stalker first.


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