Underneath my stepdaughter

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Fantasies are things you longing for, dream about but can never have, because if you have it, it's no longer a fantasy but a reality!


“Are you jealous? Because you sure sound like you're”

“What if I am? I said, pining her on the door straddling her and her breath hitched, her eyes going to my lips!

“Then that would be a turn on” she breathed on my lips making me the part them, and we were both breathing hard, this was going to be our real first kiss, and it suddenly got scary, and we were both hesitating because if we kissed all this becomes real, our feelings for each other becomes real, and I looked in those green orbs and it mirrored mine

What the Fuck are we doing?



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I felt her tiny hands all over me, exploring my body and I moaned as her mouth went to breast and sucked on it like a new born hungry for milk, and she lifted her head and sucked my breast while making eye contact with me and those green eyes were full of intense lust, she bit my beast making me moan loudly and went to my other breast and gave i……