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Dahlia is the perfect woman, beautiful, sweet and smart, which tend to scare a lot of men away, and attract some bad ones. She has just been 3 years in Africa as a doctor, returning to LA not really knowing what to do with herself.. then she get an offer, 3 weeks in Rome.. but with that guy.. you know the one she had the biggest crush on but who only saw her as a friend..

Jeremiah is a relatively famous actor and he just got dumped, but realises it was for the best.. problem is now he has a fully paid 3 week holiday in Rome and no one to bring, neither his sister or best friends can take the time of.. then his sister has a suggestion, an old female friend he hasn't seen in a long time.. problem is.. it's her.. the perfect woman, the one he was in love with but who was way out of his league..

Jonathan is an actor too and he is called to Rome for a couple of days by Jeremiah, he used to have a crush on Dahlia too.. now he is close to giving up on finding true love until one kiss changes everything..

Maddie is called to Rome too, after 3 years in Africa as a nurse, were she and Dahlia became best friends.. Maddie don't need love, she don't need a man or at least that is what she has always told herself..

What will happen in Rome and will they come back from Rome with love ?


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3: Meeting each other again

Departure day


"Thanks for driving me to the airport and waiting with me". I say to Joel. We are sitting in a quiet corner of the airport starbucks, waiting for Dahlia to show up.

Joel takes a sip of his coffee smiling. "Well I got to see this women. I have heard so much about her, back then and those la……