They are Ours (Complete)

Sadusjp Romance

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Themi and Sithee are the most well-known millianaire playboys in the country.

Shona and Mona was orphans from 'butterflies' orphanage and because of one dark incident, they come away.

As soon as Sithee and Themi see them, they claim them theirs.

This story conta their journey of bosses and secretaries to lovers and siblings while finding and solving dark pasts which bind them together.
Keep touch with the story to find about their past, present and future...

This isn't a normal story of boss and a secretary. This is a story of evil step-mother, evil step-sister, blacked father, kidnapped mother, unknown siblings and possesive lovers.


Tags: possessiveopposites attractplayboyarrogantmanipulativeCEOdramabxg
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