YlCero Vampire/Werewolf

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The Ruthless Alpha of RavenStone, Tyron Gravity DeQuia's nights had been restless.

He kept on dreaming about a certain chubby she-wolf. And it was not a normal dream for he always found himself crazily claiming her.

Christine Matsuda was the daughter of the former Alpha of GrimStone. But after her parents death, the pack's new leader and his son bullied and abused her. She had became their hopeless victim.

Christine thought that her pathetic life would never change until she had crossed path with Tyron DeQuia.


Tags: WerewolfDarkPossessiveBadgirlTycoonTragedyComedyBxG
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NAPAKUNOT-NOO ako nang magising ng gabing iyon na wala si Tyron sa aking tabi. Sinaklot ng matinding kaba na agad akong bumangon at bumaba ng higaan upang hanapin ang aking mate.
Where is he? Is he gone again? Is what happened earlier today just a dream?
Hindi ko mapigilan ang makaramdam ng takot. I lost him once. Ang mawala itong muli sa ……